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  Mission Statement                                        

  • Promote Technology Innovation  |  Bridge Silicon Valley with the World  |  Networking & Communication
  • Business Expansion & Collaboration  |  Job Opportunity & Career Development

Chairman's Words

It was a quarter-century ago that a group of passionate Chinese American engineers and executives got together and decided to do something exciting and meaningful - to bridge Silicon Valley to the rest of the world, to promote technology innovation and to help career development. A quarter-century has passed, but the original mission has never been changed and has never been so resonant to us.

To mark this special year, CASPA will celebrate her 25th anniversary on Saturday October 22, 2016 in the Silicon Valley. We would like to thank the support from CASPA individual members and corporate sponsors and look forward to the magnificent future of the semiconductor industry.

After 25 years of outstanding accomplishment, we are confident more than ever that CASPA is an excellent platform to bridge East and West, to serve the members and to help the communities. CASPA is your organization. Let's work together for a greater and brighter future for the industry and for all of us!

Xiaoning Qi, Ph.D.

Chairman and President, CASPA

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