Oregon/Portland Chapter


Portland/Oregon Chapter Duty:


1. Provide networking and business expansion for corporate sponsors and individual members;


2. Facilitate collaboration and communication among professionals and companies in the semiconductor industry in the form of salon, workshop, symposium and job fairs;


3. Promote the welfare of the chapter members by supporting their interests


4. Exchange information regarding job opportunities and career development globally.




Dr. Yanjie (Jay) Wang is the Chairman and President of CASPA Portland/Oregon Chapter. He is currently a staff research scientist at Intel Labs of Intel Corporation. His research interests are mainly focus on mm-wave/RF/Analog Integrated circuits and systems. He is an IEEE senior member and has served as the Technical Program Committee/Subcommittee Chair/Session chair for two prestigious IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) and IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC). He has authored a book chapter, published over 40 technical papers and holds several US patents.




Portland/Oregon Chapter


Chairman & President: Dr. Yanjie (Jay) Wang 王彦杰


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: jaywangcaspa@gmail.com




Initial Members:


Mr. Jue Shi 石珏


Affiliation: Maxim


Email: jueshi@gmail.com




Mr. Shang Hao


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: shanghao@hotmail.com




Dr. Renzhi Liu 刘仁直


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: Renzhi.liu@intel.com




Mr. Changgeng Xi 长庚


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: changgeng.xi@intel.com




Mr. Yan Luo 罗兖


Affiliation: Synopsys


Email: roy.yan.lu@gmail.com




Ms. Olena Zhu


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: olena.j.zhu@intel.com




Mr. Jianping Wen 文建平


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: jpwen@hotmail.com




Dr. Chenjie Gu 顾晨杰


Affiliation: Intel Corporation


Email: Chenjie.gu@gmail.com




Dr. Yong Hei 黑勇


Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences










Portland/Oregon Chapter Coming Event:


1.     Portland/Oregon Chapter Member Dr. Yong Hei will give a talk on the topic of Engineering Technology Developing at China; (September TBD)




2.     Portland/Oregon Alliance Events: "http://www.semi.org/en/semi-pacific-northwest-breakfast-forum-world-sensors",  SEMI Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum:  "World of Sensors"




Time: October 28th, 2016, 7:30am – 11:30am,


Venue: Mentor Graphics,


8005 Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville, Oregon, 97070






Portland/Oregon Chapter Past Event:


1.     Portland/Oregon Chapter Member Wei Xu gave a talk on the topic of Engineering and Marketing, “Introduction to High-Tech Marketing” (August 26th)









2.     CASPA Portland/Oregon members joined the on-line live symposium of Asian Leadership and Career Planning: Surviving and Advancing In the Corporate World at Intel Jones Farm Campus JFCC-123 Room on July 9th;







3.     Dr. Yanjie Jay Wang the Chairman of Portland/Oregon chapter gave a workshop for CASPA members and other Hi-Tech colleagues on a topic on Evolution and Overview  5G Wireless Technology on July 8th 2016;





4.     Portland/Oregon Chapter Initial Member Lunch Meeting; (July 1st 2016)







5.     Portland  Chapter CASPA Member Dr. Renzhi Liu Visited CASPA Austin Dallas Chapter Members During DAC2016 Conference on June 9th 2016