Electro-Optics Association (EOA)

Electro-Optics Association (EOA)

CASPA Alliance Events Broadcast Guide
1) CASPA Will broadcast seminar/event contents of its Alliances per request.

2) We broadcast 2 times - per month, on the10th, 25th of each month.

     Please send seminar/conference contents ONE WEEK prior to scheduled broadcast date: the 10th & 25th of each month.

     Please summarize seminar/conference content into When, Where, What, Who, How and Web Site related to the event into a paragraph.

     Please list event contact info ( person or email address or website ) in case of questions from members.

3) Be responsible for all the forwarded contents/information to be broadcasted.

4) CASPA reserves the right to decline event broadcasting if our board decides the content is not appropriate for our members.

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