Association Alliances

Santa Clara University School of Law

The Santa Clara University School of Law is the law school of Santa Clara University, a Jesuit university in Santa Clara, California, in t


F50 (Fundable 50)

TIEC 台灣創新創業中心

TIEC strives to achieve the policy objective of connecting with the international community, so that it can provide more friendly resources for innovation and entrepreneurship for young people in Taiwan, and boost the opportunity for them to land jobs. At the same time, through encouraging the transition of Taiwanese industries to a higher value-added level, TIEC also strives to avert the fate of companies becoming embroiled in the ferocious arena of cutthroat competition in the age of heated global competition.

SVCTBA, Silicon Valley Chinese Technology and Business Association

SVCTBA, Silicon Valley Chinese Technology and Business Association, formerly known as National Business Information (NBI), founded in 1987, is a global innovation and technology exchange platform that promotes member business developments in the US and Asia.


The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) promotes creativity and entrepreneurship and showcases the latest innovations from our students, alumni, faculty and staff. All departments and majors across San Jose State University (SJSU) and our partner universities and colleges are welcome to participate. Industry leaders, business owners, capital investors, and SJSU faculty provide invaluable networking opportunities and feedback to help young entrepreneurs cultivate their innovations into reality.


Since the dawn of the new golden age of entrepreneurism, BayAngels has been a force for innovative change.

ISQED (International Society for Quality Electronic Design)

The International Society for Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), established in 1998, is an international professional organization promoting innovation and Quality in engineering design and engineering design education.

GMIC Silicon Valley

GMIC hosts mobile executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from around the globe and across platforms to build partnerships, to learn from industry thought leaders, to better understand mobile technology trends, and to shed light on how mobile is positively changing the world.



US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC)

US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC)

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